Tenants Guide

Advice for Tenants
Many people are choosing to rent property rather than purchasing as it gives great flexibility and can be more affordable than buying a house. If you’re renting for the first time, here are some tips:

Find Property Through a Lettings Agent
Some landlords may advertise their own properties but many tenants prefer to deal with a lettings agent. A good lettings agent will ensure that your rights as a tenant are properly upheld and can make dealing with queries and complaints easier, should they arise.

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities
As a tenant you have a number of rights to protect you whilst renting a property. For example, your landlord must ensure that your property is safe and is responsible for carrying out certain repairs. But as a tenant you also have responsibilities to take good care of the property and pay your rent on time. You can find out more about landlords’ and tenants’ responsibilities at: https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/your-rights-and-responsibilities

Know What You Can Afford
When looking for a property to rent, make sure you know what you can afford. As well as weekly or monthly rent, you will also need money for a deposit. Remember to enquire about any additional costs such as administration charges, fees for references and costs for an end of tenancy clean. At Global Estates, we provide clear information about rental fees so you will always know what the costs will be upfront.

Ask for a Tenancy Agreement
A tenancy agreement sets out the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant and can be invaluable if disputes do occur in the future. If your landlord hasn’t given you a tenancy agreement, ask for one.

Be Ready to Move Quickly
When you’re looking for a property to rent, be aware that the most desirable properties can go quickly. Have your deposit and references available straightaway so that you don’t miss out when you find your perfect property.

If you’re looking to rent a property, let us help you find your dream home. With Global Estates, you always know what costs are involved upfront and are guaranteed a professional service. Call us on 0208 682 5100, or email info@globaleagents.com